Très Hombres from vienna, unholy ne'er-do-wells on a musical mission. A mission to relay to you tales of carnal sin and misery, gluttony and wrath, all embedded in our very own style of unapologetic blues rock that will make your body rumble. We have a blast playing it and hopefully you have a blast listenig to it .

Stefan Bäuml (Vocals / Bass)
Matthias Minstrel Bettler, Devils Smoke
Matthias Minstrel Bettler (Guitars)


The man IS Rock'n'Roll.


It is in his blood, it seeps out of every pore and straight into the songs he writes. Being both the bands rhythm and lead guitarist his riffs often blur the line between the two. He is capable of switching between soaring leads and chugging rhythms, high octane riffs and laid back grooves in an instant.

Listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and ZZ Top animated him to pick up the guitar and embark on a journey to teach himself everything he is capable of today. If he was any more Rock his umbilical cord would have been a guitar string.

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Jo List (Drums)

The person who makes it all come together.


It is by the grace of his steady hands (and feet) that the musical ravings of his bandmates are strung together into a tight package. Growing up he would listen to whatever records his brother had available, The Beatles, Deep Purple and many more, and often arrange the kitchenware into drumsets.
Having played a multitude of genres with many formations, his expierience makes him the bands ultimate instance of songwriting.

He describes himself with the words of Lemmy Kilmister:

'If you think you are too old to rock'n'roll, then you are.'

Jo List, Devils Smoke
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